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The booklets offered follow the recommendations of National Education in terms of transdisciplinarity (English, arts, mathematics and culture) and allow children to be awakened to artistic culture and to do "the way" of this or that artist.
Discover Pablo Picasso through practical and artistic activities!DISCOVER PABLO PICASSO THROUGHARTS & CRAFTS ACTIVITIES!
This will be an opportunity to learn colors, shapes and different techniques relating to cubism.The booklet contains practical and fun activities in English to encourage children to speak: painting, drawing, quizzes, songs, dancing, manual activities or board games.A clever mix of culture, games and songs all in English in a warm atmosphere!So let’s have Fun together and teach English!


Price: 49€




  • Pablo Picasso’s life
  • African masks & colors
  • Story time “Brown bear” and song on colors
  • Fingerprints & shapes
  • The “shapes” song and board game “snakes & ladders”
  • Counting with fingers
  • Numbers matching
  • Fingerprints creativity
  • Rip up some colored paper
  • Let’s review! Vocabulary list

Pablo Picasso booklet

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